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Hello. I'll be turning 18 this August and after years of consideration and waiting, I finally will be making the steps to get my name changed. You alm have been the most helpful, it looks like, with the documents. I've always disliked my name due to it's plainness, the rude nicknames(not to mention what they insinuate) and even the misspellings(even though I thought it was plain enough to at least spell right). But I do worry a little, are these reasons enough for it to be changed without a problem? I live in Georgia if that helps. I want to change my name to Reyna-Michaela Charisse Audigier. Much more unique, it rolls off the tongue, shouldn't be hard to spell. Plus with me going into Liberal Arts in school, it has a much more vibrant accompaniment to my work. Anything you can tell me, thanks.


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