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What is your legal name if you have two last names? (first, middle, father's last, mother's last)? Do I have to drop one? I was born in a different country, and in Spanish culture it is customary to be given both last names at birth. My naturalization certificate also uses both last names, since I did not have a court order to change my legally given name, and drop my mother's namiden name. Now my question is what last name do I use in all my legal documents. Most documents only give blanks for First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. I was given the name (WXYZ) ex: (Anne Marie John Doe) at birth, but only use (WXY) ex:(Anne Marie John) since Z ex: (Doe) is my mother's maiden last name. All my forms to date are listed as (WXY) ex:(Anne Marie John) including, College and HS records, Credit Cards, Bank Cards, and State ID. I recently went to the DMV and was given a hard time because my name was listed as (WXYZ) on my naturalization certificate and as (WXY) on my State ID. The only problem is that my name full name isn't as simple as (Anne Marie John Doe), my full name is 29 letters in total and much too long to include in most forms. What should I do? Will this cause more problems in the future? Will my new passport & SSN Card list name as(WXYZ), while everything else lists (WXY); is this ok, or should I drop my mother's maiden name. It looks that the easist way to fix the WXYZ ex: (Anne Marie John Doe) name on forms would be to call myself (Anne M.J. Doe) which is also incorrect as I do not use my mother's maiden name officially since I am recognized by my father. Would I have to pay to swtich my name around to (WXZY) ex: (Anne M.D. John) which would make my fathers surname my official last name? What do you suggest? I like in New York State.


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