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Hello, I had a business and I sold it in in April 2007 in order to buy a house. The partners who had bought my business had agreed to purchase the house on their names because my bank account was not regularly conducive. They had drawn up an agreement stating that they would put down a deposit from the sale of the business towards the house and agreed to pay for the bond and electricity until it was transferred to my name which was supposed to have been 6 months later. My family and I have been living in the house for three and half years, they have not payed for the sale of my business, they have not put a deposit on the house,I payed R17000 through a court order against them to put the lights on my name because they had let it go in arrears and refuse to give me authorisation to transfer to my name and now the bond has gone in arrears, the court has issued a summons against them for the house what are my rights as my family and I are living in the house which the bank claiming outstanding installments and fees from them.Please advise on my rights.Thank you,Anonymous


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