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when my dad passed away on nov.29,2010 my mom was intitle to his life insurance, when l received the check in feb.2011 my mom, after battleing cancer died on dec.24,2010. she lived with me and l care for her l had power of attoney but that is voked went she died, and she never or l for the matter thru of doing a will, so there is no will, l call the insurance company to and sended them the death cert., and they said for me to get this check l have to go to court to fill out a form to be allow to receive the check, being that my mother had nothing no assets she lived check to check what forms are the right one for me to fill out the courts can not advice me how to fill it out or what forms l need there do not even have the forms to give me l have to downloaded. l do not work l care for my husband who is diasble and blind, so l can not afford to get a lawyer. please help me l am trying to do this myself the right way, it is very confusioning. thank you for your time rosa


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