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Yea, i am a senior and i go to a private school, and this past year our handbook was changed from banning tattoos to now allowing them even if they are visible. Well some of the students got permanent tattoos that are visible on their neck and arms. So as a prank that abides by our school rules, the seniors decided to all come in the school one day wearing fake tattoos all over their arms and necks. Well our disciplinarian made an announcement during first period of the day that we all better have them washed off by the second period. We didn't want to have a battle with him so we all did what he said even though the rules of our school says nothing about us not being able to have them. So the next day at school the disciplinarian confronts me and pulls me aside and asks me if the tattoo day was my idea. As the senior class president, i told him i am willing to take responsibility for the seniors wearing tattoos. i did this thinking i there's no reason we should be in trouble because i knew we didn't break a school rule. so he yelled at me and said the pranks need to stop but did not punish me. well later that day i was told to see him after school. so i went and he asked me about a group on Facebook that the senior class made on Facebook that was created to organize pranks that abide by the school rules. so as i was in his office he told me to sign in my facebook and show him the group. i asked him if i had a choice and he said no. so i went ahead and logged on. turned out the group was deleted so i couldnt show him. well i then sat back down and talked with him. eventually he dismissed me out of his office and then as i was walking out i realized that i never logged out my account. so i walked back into his office and asked if i was allowed to log off the account he said "no dont log out" and said that i have no privacy and he has the right to access all the information on my facebook account. That is my question, Can he make me log onto my account to show a group he has no proof says anything bad? and Can he not allow me to log out my account so he can go through my whole facebook and look through all my private conversations?


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