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It is really good to see big and small companies taking the lead in social sustainability, but... who regulates them?

I understand that the green wave is something relatevely new for some. Transforming daily operations into sustainable ones can be done in so many ways and be a really strange thing from many, specially if green conciousness in not a part of their daily realization. Making 2 or 3 changes doesn't mean that you are green. The same way that having a LEED certified buisiness does not guarantee that your operational system is sustainable.

What is the standard for green operations?
The building, its materials products used and location can be very important but what makes a buidling a living organism is the people that habitate it. Therefore, understanding that the standarization of practices is the key element into having a really GREEN business, is what really counts.

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Because by donating some money for saving the polar bears or changing to CFL light bulbs, does not mean that you are green.

Lorena Muro


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