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Is time to Boycott Google? I... we are sick of the steamroller big brother tactics and the clear
abuse to one's prvacy. From storing everything you do online and report you or sell your profile to
3rd parties. And now what about the street cam etc. They have a photo of my house and cars in the
driveway WITH view of plate numbers. Been battling Google over privacy issues as well. It will not
stop here so be warned. They are too big!

When someone bad or a stalker with a restraining order from your past finds you on line using the
google street view and finds out what new car you or your wife is driving then confronts you when or
where you least expect it or do worst then you'll be affected too and get point on the invasion!

Google should be required to have an opt out from the system.

The judges the handled this case are naive and technology challenged. Any idiot can understand that a
"street view" and ONLY be seen 50 -100 feet away. You CAN NOT see street view from ANYWHERE else than
from YOUR STREET. So that being the case when you look up a street view in one city and you are in
another you should NOT be able to see it. Right? so by placing your house online only people on your
street should be able to see it. NOT someone states away. Any attorney out there with this common
sense and understanding should be able to find some case law to shut Google down. You need to deal
with this from a different angle.

Or better yet. What if everyone BOYCOTT GOOGLE! What if everyone stops using them or stops clicking
the ads or stops advertising with them. That would be our right to do, right? Then if they suffer
financially then maybe they will stop invading our privacy.


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