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It would not be anonymous if I gave my email address. I think the way Google is starting to become the big eye in the sky is absurd and think they should ask 1st instead of being a picture taker, isn't there enough of them. I wonder how the head executive of Google or any major corp. co. would like to be seen in the lights of the eyes of the public with out knowing about it. But I am sure they have a way to protect themselves from that. Do un to others as they would do to you. I thought there was some kind of system that was started along time ago that we have forgotten about. Be kind Live in harmony and stop pushing the limits cause you just have a lot of money. Is it right think about how you would feel if it happened to you, and if you would like it it does not matter what the courts say is it right or not. We need more help then I thought we did with the way people keep pushing the limit of others, that is how wars are started. We all need to look at what we do to each other more clearly. May we all be blessed by the The great spirit and allow us to think the right way.


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