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I have spent so much money on the internet, to get a go for myself so I can do a business using the computer, so I can stay home and help my sister take care our elderly 83 disable mom. My sister cannot do it by herself, because mom needs total care. In our early years, we used to work as CNA at nursing homes and we decided we do not want to have mom go to a nursing home (from bad experiences). But, we cannot be both not working because we need the income to survive. So we have being looking for some simple businesses to do at home, so it does not take our time away from taking care mom. We spent so much money on so called businesses on the net, but they just wanted our money and gave us the run around. We are still looking, but I just want to let you know, your story motivate me. Thank you, may be my sister and I need to look around our house and see what's here that we can create to be a simple business after all...thanks again.


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