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Depends on the business as to whether an S-Corp will work or not. The S-corp gives you a seperate Taxpayer Identification number (TIN) known as an EIN. Your SSN is also a TIN. If you are an insurance agent, broker, or other professional working for one or more companies, they usually issue a 1099 with your SSN. Very few will pay you as an individual on an EIN. The added overhead in terms of licensing, bureuacracy, insurance, asset tracking, and so forth generally do not payoff unless you have a large volume of sales. At the same time, using a Form 2106 (Unreimbursed Employee expenses) for legitimate expenses incurred during the course of business leaves way too much money on the table because 2106 expenses go on Schedule A, which is "below the line" where as schedule C expenses come right out of your gross receipts.

As noted in the article, you expenses need to be legitimate and well documented. I would also say that you expenses should be reasonable consistant in natures from year to year unless there's an obvious reason for it.

I have an S-Corp for liability purposes and I file schedule C for my spouse because of how she is paid.

I would seriously reccomend that you maintain receipts in addition to the AMX statements for a variety of reasons. Chiefly, the statement doesn't necessarily prove what you purchased should that come in to question. Also as silly as this sounds, I keep weekly expense reports for all of my purchases and travel, it keeps the documentation in order and correlated with what was being done at the time.

One last thing to keep in mind is that internally, the IRS has a threshold for Meals & Entertainment expenses that is a percentage of gross receipts or gross profit (I believe.) If you exceed that, you're asking for scrutiny. AT the same time if you can prove it it doesn't matter. I try to use the IRS Per Diem values for for M&E expenses - which is why I use the expense reports as noted above.

Good luck!!


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