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My uncle passed away 9 years ago on my birthday. My father was put in charge of the trust he put in place. My uncle left each my mom, dad, my sister and I each money from his estate. My parents got 33% each and both my sister and I got 11% each from his estate. After my uncle died his wife was still alive so no one got anything until she passed away because she was living off of the interest of the trust. His wife passed away this past December. After that my father sent all four of us official letters stating that the momies would be distributed as ordered but they would come in two installments. I don't know what the rest of my family has received but to date I got 1 check for half of my inherentence and then I heard nothing. I called my dad and asked for the rest and he refuses to give it to me. I am in desperate need of this money as I am an unemployed wife and mother of two. We are in a financial disaster and the only way we can survive is from that money. Is there any legal recourse for me to make him send me the balance of my inheritance? My father said himself that this is his choice and has nothing to do with how the will was written. All he wants is to be in control which is what he has always done. We were living paycheck to paycheck. But now that my unemployment has run out we are living day to day. I can barely put good on the table and yet he still refuses to send me the balance. Please if anyone can tell me what I can do to make sure he fulfills his obligation I would really appreciate it.



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