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Overall my personal opinion on independent film making is that infringement is a lowdown dirty crime...artists who are poor of thought and who are hired to be "independent filmmakers" by the government and who also hire other people to "act" for the ergonomic efforts and environmental conservation "programs", should at least acknowledge their liability to certain shareholders and release them their rights and royalties. In the areas of politics,science and environmental law...if any one person is ousted from their share of this "public display"/"public interest" it is inhumane and illegal. What "healthy living" is coming from the USDA and the FDA is merely -feeding- shareholders to compromise their integrity and their healthy living standards which goes against the anti-poverty act of 2000. This is actually hypocritical and a violation of human the end of the day when its all said and done at least restoration of their civil rights would be a fairshare of AMERICA and their civil royalties would be a fair piece of the "pie".... Hiring a "nobody" with a high IQ to work for homeland security is an occupation and so is 'his' job also. Did he really need to be popular or famous or did he even deserve credit for monitoring society from a satelitte for a living????? and now he's an independant film maker...??????? and on top of that now I'm playing the enemy of the state.... but will smith already did that movie--- and denzel washington did a similar movie...and j-lo did the cell and don't forget the cell II. If I were him i'd leave independent filmmaking to spikelee or hype williams unless everyone of us POOR ACTORS is paid fair and able to enjoy life again as we would normally until we're all screaming give US liberty or give us death... in America no matter what film you make LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE can never be replaced...unless we're allowed to turn our capital losses into OUR capital gains.


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