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After his father died in 1990 from cancer, his mother fell under the influence of the business “partners,” who allegedly used liens, mortgages, and powers of attorney to gain partial control of the Davis legacy—and much of his widow’s assets. Witnesses at the Los Angeles trial testified about her victimization.

Manny is a complete idiot for even allowing his own mother who raised his sorry black butt and all he can say is “It still amazes me, as the days go by, to learn just how much she was taken advantage of,” Manny said. Where were you any good son with a grain of salt would've fought with his mother and made sure that she was in good hands and now Manny has his hands on his mother share of the Sammy Davis estate which is not much from what I hear and what a poor pathetic excuse for a son I would even spit on him if he was on fire. How dare you say the things you say here Where the hell were you Manny? Find that pattern?


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