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My mother died in winchester hospital pass june 2010. Her deather certificate says she died from gangreen. I do not believe that is true. My mom was told she needed a pace maker. She did not belive so. I dxid not belive mom needed a pace maker either. The saturday after the pace maker was put in her, I saw moms right arm was swollen.I begged the nurse before mom take dialysis to check moma arm to see why it is swollen. They found a blood clot. The hospital had thin moms blood too thin and they could not get her pressure. The monday after that moma asked for a tynenol for her stomach. The nurse gave her a pain pill instead. When mom woke up she started talking out of her head. Mom or I did not tell that nurse to give her a hard pain pill. The next day on tuesday afternoon moma took a hard breath ans stp talking. I called for help. The nurse came in thr room ans sais mom is ok then the nurse walked out. Mom still was not talking I called for the nurse and doctor to come back in to the room. They saw mom was not ok. They took mom to icu and was told she is not going to live through the night. The tube put in her showed blood coming out of momas stomach. Moma died wed morn at 3 57 am. The hospital caused her death. Moma went in to the hospital because of her large left toe nail being loose and hurting her. City hospital in martinsburg wv did nothing for her toe. She moved to wqincher va and they did nothing. Both hospitals thinned moms blood with hepron a pill amnd asprin everyday from june 5th until close to june 20th. Mother Elizabeth brooks should be living with her children today can you help us?


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