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Isn't it 'strange' that 60 years ago when school recess was in progress, there was maybe one teacher in charge of "playground activiity." If a child was hurt on the swings or slide, whatever play activity, the school nurse was summond if necessary. Serious injury, the child was taken to the nearest hospital. Parents did not hold the schools or teachers liable. In the past few years, "people" have gone sue crazy and looking for retribution for not teaching their children at home about playing safely or teaching their children about human kindness. The parents are at fault and need to blame someone other than theirselves. What a pity. Therefore, insurance has flourished with high premiums and lawyers have flourished because of ignorant parents and the dollar sign. A teacher who is assigned playground activity monitor must not only watch over the multitude of careless children but bullies as well. That teacher is expected to teach the children a designed ciriculum, watch for bedbugs and lice, find out why Johny is always sleepy in class, make out tons of paperwork for the local and federal government, explain to parents why junior or missy is not capable of learning or too lazy to learn, getting hit with paper wads from students who want to play and not learn, unable to discipline the children because the teacher will get sued by the parents who neglect or over-protect their darlings, appease the principal and the school board with ridiculous tests to make sure she/he is teaching well, there is much more-what parents will not do at home they expect the teachers to do as grand baby sitters but defy teachers to discipline their children, and the teacher gets paid peanuts for all of this. Teachers are expected to raise children or teach them? Which is it? Good teachers are not negligent. Some parents are. If ONE teacher is present on a playground, that constitutes someone present in case of injury, bad language or insult. Perhaps schools need to ask parents to volunteer their time during recess to assure eveyone's safety? Seems like a good idea to me. Then, whom could sue whom? HA!


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