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I still haven't had answer's about my son falling at the age of 5,smashing his first tooth out and the gums and hole of his mouth being completely crocked,he had beautiful teeth before,as a single parent i feel im taken for a fool,when infact as the school has camera's on the playground then im sure they could of proved to me it was just a fall,i have arsked my son over an over to show me how it happened an he does'nt want to talk about it,an as a result of this he has been having nose bleeds which is new to me,i no boys play rough an no he should at least try to like school,but at the age of five how rough are they surpose to be,surely that age they dont get picked on,were was the teacher when all this happened,an why didnt they offer to giv me a lift with his mouth smashed like so,the dentist local refused to see him but wanted me to sign a piece of paper for them to claim,an wen i reached the emergency dep his whole gums were infected,im looking for any good true citizen to try get there head round this because when i do get to the bottom of this(human rights)there will never be another mishap causing injury.


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