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Wow. I really disagree. I do agree that less and less parents are involved in their childrens lives, but, you cannot have any parent come to our schools and watch other peoples children. 1st there is the issue of I send my kids to a school for trained professionals to watch my student/ child, and teachers have recess duty (not recess cakkling). 2nd how about the issue of background checks- 3rd I do not think some parents should be raising their own children, they are definately not going to be in charge of mine (they have no idea of what school laws are (teachers do go through these classes 4th My child fell off a beam that was twelve feet off the ground onto his head at recess, we told the teachers, principal and school super./ board we wanted our child nowhere near this apparatus again, the same thing happened the following week- but this time my son fractured his neck in two spots, his skull in one spot, crushed two discs in his spine, and damaged his chest (organs). He was unconscious for two minutes before a students went to get a teacher, who were in their group talking (recesss duty- not recess collaboration for teachers). My son now must have a neck brace on for 2 months, take pain meds/ etc., and have surgery, not counting they just ended his chances for most sport scholarships and peer relations. What do you think, would you lawsuit if this was your child they permanently/ neglectfully let get injured, especially since you told them absolutely no playing on that piece of equipment?


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