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I have been married three times I have three children that's not by my present wife, the wife I have now have two children from her marriage before me, she sold her house after we were married and spent the money or banked it and moved in my house I sold my house & bought another house in another State and had her sign forms stating that the house was for me & my children only Hurricane Katrina came along & destrosty the house so that it was unlivable I was paid the flood insurance so I paid the off & had enought money too buy the house we live in now the mortgage company put a lian on the property to let us me & the wife I have now buy the house we are living in now i had to sell the property & the SBA are taking the money too pay off the house we are living in now. The house we are living in now cost $18200 & $14600 came from the house I bought with she was not in title too at all now she want too claim one half of all the property without doing anything too earn it or too help keep it up or but any househole goods how shall I go about this?


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