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We live in Florida. Trying to decide whether to redo my mom's will or get a Living Trust or both. My father recently passed. It is in mom's will for my sister and I to receive all assets after her death. It was my father's wishes for this to be the case as his will also stated the same.

Through another personal experience (wife's mother) remarried and changed the will. Now, her mother will not be around much longer and the new husband will receive everything and the 5 kids will get nothing. I want to prevent the possibility from happening to me by having an iron clad will ot Trust that cannot be changed. There is a considerable amount of assets involved in our case.

What can be done to assure that making a new will or Trust cannot be changed in the future without all 3 parties agreeing? Can I have specific wording such as "No Contestation Clause" or "New will supercedes any previous will and Trust"

I am leaning towards a well written will. Please let me know what you think of wording a will properly and it being iron clad and non changable.

Thank You, Andy B


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