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I registered for an LLC in NM in 2006 through an on-line law company. I have no done anything with the LLC, and this year I changed the address and opeform rating agent to my name. I also applied for an EIN through SS-4. No one told me whether an EIN was required, but when I talked to persons who own an LLC said it was I never applied. Thus, a week ago I submitted an application (SS-4)for an EIN. I am assuming I will be given one, but have no idea when it will be approved. I have been involved with real estate and I would like to protect my assets. I am registered with the State corporate agency, but do not know whether I can do any busines as an LLC until such time I get my EIN.I guess I can call them. I am essentially involved with real estate and have operated as a sole propiietorship. However, I need to pursue the tax breaks, but do not know how far I can go back (2006, this year or have to wait until 2011.


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