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There are two apparent contradictions in this article. Could you clarify please:
"What’s Isn’t Considered a “Gift”? (answer) #3. Gifts to your spouse" ...a following paragraph uses this example, spouses giving gifts to each other: "Can I Avoid Paying Gift Taxes?
.. The IRS also states that if spouses own property together, they can each give $13,000 or a total of $26,000 without having to pay the gift tax."
So which is it, spouses can or cannot "gift" each other?
In your first paragraph you state: "Because in 2010, the gift tax rate of 35 percent is at an all time low." then, in the fifth paragraph you state this: " Any amount beyond that is taxed at the same rate as the estate tax, which in 2010 happens to be 0 percent." ...So which is it, 35% or 0%?????


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