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"She needed to explain her position before the event came up. that would have saved a lot of hassle." She told them in November - which seems to me to be before. This was no doubt when she learned of the "requirement". Imagine you
are allergic to coffee. At what time should you tell your employer this? At the interview? When others are drinking coffee? No...because it has no bearing on your job and you can't imagine it ever being a condition of employment. One day, howerver, your boss states, next Monday, we are going to have a meeting and everyone WILL drink coffee at the meeting. Then what would you do? You would respectfully (probably in private) inform your boss that you don't drink coffee due to allergies. Do you think you should be fired? Do you think you should have told them sooner in the off-chance that this became a condition of your employment. It would have saved "a lot of hassle", afterall.


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