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Dear Lawyer,

I am seeking help in Intellectual Property & Trademark matter. Few years back we have successfully registered our company name (XY) and logo in USA with the detailed description about the company products and services. Company name consist of two words X&Y (Real name is hidden).

Few days back we got an email from another company IP attorney stating that they are in process of registering their company name and logo and their request is not getting approved because of conflicts between both company's name and product/services description. Their company name is Y (Real name is hidden) which is actually part of our company name (second word in our company name). Now they are expecting us to alter the description remove couple of products and services from the description so that they get the approval.

We are a very small level company as compare to another company which is a Multimillion company.

At this stage i need to know how much serious matter is and what kind of implications we could get into and what could be possible course of action from both ends.

Anurag Agarwal


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