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I'm interested in starting a business in real estate and been planning for about a year now. Of course I want to be legal and be able to start a business credit. I've spent alot of money on getting educated and building a website that will generate the right type of leads. My money is very tight and I'm trying to survive on disability benefits and it is simply not enough to survive on. This has become unexceptable to me and need help in many areas. I'm hopeing that the cost can be broke down over a 2 or 3 month period. I understand your fee is 100.00 and there are other fee's I am unsure of. My goals are very high and I plan to close on my first deal in about a week. I will use those funds to move my business forward. I'm very serious about getting this started and fill you are qualified to cover the issues that I've stated. Hope to hear from you soon Ralph


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