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I am sitting on a idea that I actually use! I was at a very low point in my life at the time that I challenged the odds.What do you do when you find out that,'re not happy anymore just spending money and buying things to occupy your time for a while.I lost respect for money! ..eventually,I exausted my $$ resources."I became a loser!" ....I was a professional at what I did ,serving the general public,but I felt like just letting the world pass me by, while I sat down to just look and listen at life."The curve" was the last thing that I was leading! ...years go by, I wake up and realize,hey! I'm sick of listening to a bunch of yo yo's talk to me like I am worthless and continuosly beating me up, mentally or financially! .The gears started turning!How can I climb up that ladder again before I'm to old! I have to find a way!! I did!, "really!" The only thing protecting me from having my Idea stolen is that I don't associate with people that relate to my way of thinking "IQ" wise. ...more later it get's deeper.


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