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Yeah, What goes around, comes around. My older brother is my Trustee of a Trust created under a Will. As a Beneficary, I am pee on me. Have no rights to any kind of information. He took out twice the amount each month, moved the money to my other brothers Trust account also created under the Will. I have been receiving checks from his Trust Free Checking Account. From Sept 2009 to Sept 2011. He refuses to send me any statements.I have been trying to get him off my Trust, but having problems. A bank was appointed Trustee, only if I would sign a waiver for any damages that my brother incured while being my Trustee. I refused, I will not walk away and sign a waiver. Let him off the hook? Took well over $20,000.00 Made different accounts. Banks will not talk to me even though my so called lawyer said he is doing something illegal. No one will talk to me.... Who do you go to.... Do I stand in front of the court house, where the probate judge is allowing him to get away with things.Wear a sign saying some thing, to pro test what my brother is doing? Now I have no money, can't get my inheritance. I feel the Will was written under my older sisters doing. I get nothing, I have no food to eat, no personal items, no new cloths to wear even to appear in court. I want to be heard, and tell the Truth.


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