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The crazy thing is how they say you cant do anything with personal items... thats nuts.

Mom had a huge porclean collection along with a normal amt of dishes/furniture and etc.

Her sons have already packed and split up all personal items.
Ive already tossed away all underwear & socks and female personal items (unsellable).. as per agreemenet between us brothers.

Estate sale will be very very soon.
We have already sold the car, and it wont be part of probate.
Car was legally sold as per state of Oklahoma without probate being involved.

Moms estate has no debts/loans/mortgages... excluding the usual of utilities/property tax/house insurance.

Most magazines, and non-utility bills have been canceled/refunded..

Im not even the executor, but I was co-owner of nearly evrything while she was alive and most of those things do not require a executor or repressentative but often may require a 'co-user/co-owner' or similar.

That gave us $2000 in savings so far, we estimate another $1000 in total savings by eliminating unwanted mags/subscriptions and etc...

The bummer is the 20+ bags of trash for what was a hoarder of documents (she had 45 years of bank statements along with every single driverslicense and every single passoport and similar.


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