Opt Out and Get Rid of Junk Mail...It's the LAW!

Have you recently received letters from your credit card companies, bank and other service providers, alerting you about their "privacy policies?" That's because a new federal law has recently made it possible for these companies to make additional sales of your personal information, provided they give you with a means of "opting out."

Don't want your name sold to junk mail junkers? Look for information in each of these letters about how you can remove your name from these sales lists.

Additionally, remove your name and information from the sales lists of the major credit bureaus, as well. By simply calling (888) 567-8688, you can remove your name from the lists of Equifax, Transunion, Experian and Enovus, all with one phone call.

You'll need your social security number and a good listening ear: the first opt-out option lasts only two years. By waiting and pressing option "3" on your keypad, you'll be able to keep yourself off the junk mail list for good.