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19. Checklist for New Corporations

Incorporating is just one step in starting a new business. There are other federal, state, and practical considerations as well. The following is a list of things to do or think about once you have formed a new corporation:

Incorporate your business today
  • Consider registering a DBA if you want to do business under a name other than the official corporate name
  • Establish a corporate banking account
  • Contact the state tax board for information about state taxes and obtaining a state tax number
  • Check with the state department of consumer affairs to obtain any required business licenses or permits
  • Contact the IRS for information on filing your federal tax schedules
  • Find out about workers' compensation if you will have employees
  • Protect your trade name - contact LegalZoom for information on federal trademarks and copyright
  • Check zoning laws
  • Obtain city and/or county business licenses or permits
  • Get adequate business insurance or a business rider to a homeowner's policy
  • Gather tax information such as record-keeping requirements, guidelines for withholding taxes (if you will have employees), information on hiring independent contractors, facts on estimating taxes, forms of organization, etc.
  • Print business cards and stationery
  • Acquire an email address
  • Set up your website
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers additional information and resources on starting a new business. You can visit them on the internet at, or you can contact your local branch office by phone.

You can also view more information on incorporating with LegalZoom at our Incorporation Process Page.

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