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The Process of Filing Your Name Change

LegalZoom.com’s name change service makes it easy and convenient to change your name. The following is a detailed description of the Legalzoom.com Name Change Process.
  • Complete our easy online questionnaire.
  • We create your name change documents.
    Our document scriveners review your answers for missing information. Then, our LegalZip software creates your county-specific documents within 2 business days.
  • Sign your documents and file them with the county.
    Youll receive simple instructions for filing your documents. Filing fees will apply and vary by county.
  • You receive a hearing date.
    This is the date when the judge will review your application.
  • You publish your name change (where required).
    In states where publication is required, LegalZoom will provide step-by-step instructions for selecting a newspaper approved by the court in your county. Important: You will need to allow sufficient time for your published notice to run prior to your hearing date. This is typically 4 consecutive weeks.
  • The court grants your name change.
    The total time it takes for your new name to be granted by the court will vary according to the state or county in which you file. Usually, the entire process takes 30-90 days.