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3. Reasons for a Name Change

There are various reasons for requesting a name change. It may be based on events such as divorce, or it may simply be based on dissatisfaction with the name. Some other fairly common reasons include:
  • Taking the natural father's name (e.g., after being born out of wedlock or adopted).
  • Changing to the mother's maiden name (e.g., after a divorce).
  • Identifying with a foreign nationality (e.g., to show grandparents' nationality).
  • A cumbersome name (e.g., difficult to spell and/or pronounce).
  • Professional identity (e.g., legally maintaining a maiden name or changing to a pen name).
  • Gay or lesbian (e.g., both partners want to share the same last name).

Change your name in minutes.

There are inappropriate reasons for changing a name that will result in denial of the application and even consequences. For example, the new name cannot be identical to a celebrity or other famous individual, if the intent is to defraud others. In addition, you cannot change your name to avoid debts.

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