Pennsylvania Man Files Civil Rights Lawsuit against State Police

Sep 21, 2010 - Legalzoom News Sources
Pennsylvania Man Files Civil Rights Lawsuit against State Police

A West Whiteland, Pennsylvania, man has filed a lawsuit against state police, claiming police administrators have turned a blind eye to assaults committed by officers during drug investigations in the state, the Delaware County Daily Times reports.

The lawsuit, filed recently by Zachary Bare in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, contends that a trooper stomped on Bare's head as he was restrained and lying down on his kitchen floor during a raid on a suspected methamphetamine lab more than a year ago.

The lawsuit stems from an incident in which West Whiteland police officers raided a home in the town on suspicion that it was a methamphetamine lab. During the raid, officers allegedly heard reports of a man running towards the street Bare lived on and they decided to visit the house, as Bare had been previously been identified as a person seen visiting the suspected lab.

While at Bare's house, officers conducted a search and Bare claims that officer Kelly Cruz stomped on his head and drove his face into the kitchen floor, the news provider said. Another officer at the scene said he "saw Bare lift his head and spit blood and teeth onto the kitchen floor."

Bare, who filed the lawsuit against trooper Cruz and state police commissioner Frank E. Pawlowski, has not been charged with a crime stemming from the raid, the news source said.