Professor Files Lawsuit against University of South Carolina

Oct 9, 2010 - LegalZoom News Sources
Professor Files Lawsuit against University of South Carolina

A creative writing professor at the University of South Carolina has filed a federal lawsuit against the university, claiming his employers have discriminated against him based on his gender and age, the Free Times reports.

Ben Greer, a 61-year-old associated English professor who has taught at the university since 1980, says he hopes to subpoena three of the university’s previous presidents, hoping they will take the stand if the case goes to trial, according to the news source.

In the suit, filed before the beginning of the 2010 fall semester, Greer claims the university violated his rights under the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Equal Pay Act.

“I’m suing the university because they have consistently discriminated against me and harassed me for at least 15 years,” Greer told the news provider recently. “Frankly, in terms of salary, they’ve discriminated against me for 30 years.”

Greer, who currently makes $62,104 per year, has said that the treatment by his superiors over the years has hurt his health, even leading him to consider suicide at one point.

While the university would not comment specifically on the case, but in a letter written last year to the university’s Human Affairs Commission, an associate general counsel for USC said that Greer needed to address some issues with his teaching, including missing classes and issuing a light work load to students.