New Immigration Laws Creating Stir in Alabama, Indiana

Jul 29, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Alabama education system adopts immigration law

The new immigration law in Alabama is earning criticism from members of the education community who fear it could drive some prospective students out of the classroom.

A new provision to the state's laws governing immigration will require schools to verify where the students were born and to relay that information to lawmakers.

According to WHNT-TV, the provision was made in part to determine just how much the taxpayers in Alabama are spending on illegal immigrants to get an education each year.

"Our job is to educate children, not try to enforce laws like this," Topper Birney, Huntsville school board member, told the news source. "This is another unfunded mandate, we have too many of them. It requires paper being brought in, if the parents can't find the piece of paper, or maybe if they are indeed illegal and refuse to bring it in, what do we do then? Just don't tell the kids you can't go to school? I don't know."

The state of Indiana is experiencing immigration law controversies of its own. Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller recently announced plans to defend the state's new immigration law against opponents seeking a permanent injunction.