Former city manager files lawsuit against suburb

Nov 1, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Former city manager of Bell, a Los Angeles suburb, recently filed a lawsuit against the suburb.

The former city manager of a suburb in Los Angeles has filed a lawsuit against the suburb, alleging he's still owed money from his salary.

Robert Rizzo filed the lawsuit October 31 against the city of Bell, saying he's still owed $1.5 million.

Rizzo is facing charges of fraud and misappropriation of funds after allegedly planning a scheme to take more than $6 million from the city to bulk up his salary, as well as salaries of other Bell officials.

"Rizzo's lawsuit is just another example of the gross disregard he has had towards all the working families in Bell and is just another distraction from the injustices Bell residents suffered under Rizzo," Bell Mayor Ali Saleh said to the AP.

Residents of the city of Bell were outraged when they found out Rizzo was being paid more than $700,000, in addition to receiving other compensation that totaled more than $1.5 million. Protestors also thought it was ridiculous that Rizzo and other city officials who were being paid more than $100,000 in annual salary only met once a month.

Rizzo was locked out of his office by the City Council of Bell, which stopped paying him his salary and benefits after allegations arose about the inappropriate compensation, which led Rizzo to file the lawsuit for lost wages.

Rizzo recently sold his Huntington Beach home, which he purchased for $1.1 million in 2007, according to the AP.