NBA Players File Antitrust Lawsuit Against the League

Nov 17, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
NBA players recently filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA owners.

The NBA lockout recently took a turn for the worse. With games cancelled up until December 15, the NBA players rejected an offer from the owners and filed an antitrust lawsuit against the league.

Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and a handful of other players filed the lawsuit at federal courts in Oakland and Minneapolis on November 15, alleging the NBA violated antitrust laws and tried to manipulate players by forcing them to take considerable reductions in salary and compensation.

"The big catch there is courts move very slowly," said Paul D. Staudohar, an emeritus professor of business at Cal State East Bay, to the Los Angeles Times. "It can take months, even years, before a final decision is made."

The 30 NBA teams were named as defendants in the lawsuit filed in Oakland on behalf of the NBA's 439 players. The similar Minneapolis lawsuit was filed on the same day by NBA players Caron Butler and Derrick Williams.

With the NBA cancelling games through December 15, the season now would not be able to start until January, according to NBA Commissioner David Stern. In an interview with ESPN, he said the season would need 30 days to start after the lockout ended.

NBA players lost their first paycheck this week as a result of the lockout, with players missing out on million dollar paydays.