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May 17, 2011

The Southern California region is reportedly in the process of holding a special Congressional election in order to find a replacement for Democrat Jane Harman, who resigned recently in order to head a think tank.

According to USA Today, California's 36th District election will test the state's new open primary system for the first time.

May 6, 2011

Florida Republicans recently pushed a controversial election bill through the state legislature that is reportedly designed to decrease the amount of voter fraud, the Jacksonville Daily Record reports.

According to the news source, the bill, which passed on a party-line vote, will now head to the office of Governor Rick Scott.

Still, even if Scott approves the measure it will likely need to be cleared by the U.S.

Apr 26, 2011

Officials say that the Wisconsin Supreme Court election recount is expected to cost at least $500,000, The Associated Press reports.

According to the news provider, estimates from county clerks across the state ranged from $120 to $500,000 per county, with the total for the 22 counties responding reaching approximately $570,000.

The final county tallies, which were released in early April, showed that challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg was trailing by more than 7,000 votes to incumbent Justice David Prosser.

Apr 14, 2011

President Barack Obama is reportedly planning to travel to Chicago for three fundraisers that will begin his re-election campaign, reports the Los Angeles Times.

According to the news source, the public campaign launch will be an event at Chicago's Navy Pier and will feature a special appearance by Chicago Bulls guard and NBA MVP candidate Derrick Rose.

"We are starting something new - and we want you with us from the start," said an invitation from the campaign.

Two other events in the day will take place at restaurants in Chicago, with all the money r

Apr 5, 2011

Just prior to an election in which 14 members of Chicago's City Council will be chosen, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel told a group of reporters that he is looking for a new partner to help him "change the way business is conducted in city government," the Chicago Tribune reports.

According to the news provider, Emanuel has spent nearly $250,000 on the race, including contributing to the campaigns of seven candidates.