Another Lawsuit Filed Against 'The Hangover 2'

Dec 27, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
A lawsuit was recently filed against the creators of the "Hangover 2."

Following a successful release in 2011 that resulted in close to $600 million in gross earnings, "The Hangover" sequel is facing another lawsuit.

After dodging two suits filed not long after the film was released, the comedy is now facing a suit from luxury clothing designer Louis Vuitton.

The French designer filed the lawsuit recently in New York federal court, alleging that the Louis Vuitton bag used in "The Hangover Part II" was a counterfeit and the clothing company didn't give permission for its name or product to be used in the movie.

According to the lawsuit, Louis Vuitton instructed the movies production company Warner Bros., to not use the bag in the movie, but was ignored. The clothing giant said that the bag used was actually made by the Chinese-American company Diophy, which Louis Vuitton is also suing for selling knock-offs in the United States.

The luxury brand also said that Warner Bros. has refused to alter the scene in the movie before it is released on DVD.

The "Hangover" movie makers were also recently sued by a tattoo artist who alleged the tattoo appearing on the face of a character in the movie infringed on a tattoo design he created for Mike Tyson.