Alleged Victims File Lawsuit Against Syracuse, Boeheim

Dec 16, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
The University of Syracuse and it's head basketball coach is facing a lawsuit after molestation charges.

A lawsuit was filed recently against the University of Syracuse and its head basketball coach, Jim Boeheim, stemming from sexual abuse allegations against former assistant coach Bernie Fine.

Two men who accused Fine of sexual misconduct and molestation when they were children are suing the school and head coach for defamation of character, for calling them liars.

The alleged victims, 39-year-old Bobby Davis and 45-year-old Mike Lang, recently announced their lawsuit during a press conference.

The lawsuit states that in an effort to support his good friend, Fine, head basketball coach Jim Boeheim tarnished the plaintiffs' reputations by saying they were lying.

The lawsuit was filed December 12 in New York State Supreme Court against Boeheim, who also said the two claimants were just looking for money and were trying to capitalize off of the Penn State Scandal, in which Jerry Sandusky allegedly used his foundation's Second Mile program to molest several boys over the course of many years.

The Syracuse basketball team recently reach the top spot in The Associated Press' Top 25 poll, with a 10-0 record.