Britney Spears Sued By Security Detail

Dec 19, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
Britney Spears was recently sued by her former security guards for non-payment.

Pop star Britney Spears recently had a lawsuit filed against her by her former security guards, who allege Spears failed to pay them six months' salary.

TMZ reported that Advanced Security Concepts Corporation is suing the singer for $141,625 in unpaid wages after Spears' team fired the bodyguard company in 2010.

The security company alleges that Spears holds a grudge because she was sued by one of the company's former bodyguards, Fernando Flores. Flores contends Spears sexually harrassed him by exposing her genitals on multiple occasions, which Spears strongly denies, TMZ stated.

According to the source, during the legal battle with Flores, Spears and her team demanded the security company pay for the singer's legal expenses in the case, but had their request denied.
After releasing ASCC its duties, Spears allegedly failed to pay the company for the remainder of the one-year contract that she had previously agreed to.

According to the website CelebrityNetWorth, Spears' estimated net worth is $155 million, accrued in part from nationwide record sales totaling more than $100 million.