Frankie Valli Going Through Costly Divorce

Nov 23, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
Franki Valli's ex-wife is asking for extra money in spousal support, following a costly divorce.

The ex-wife of Frankie Valli, is taking The Four Seasons' frontman to court for attorney fees she racked up during their divorce.

Randy Valli was married to the music legend and creator of the musical "Jersey Boys" for 27 years before filing for divorce. On top of the $30,000 she's receiving monthly from Valli, who TMZ reported makes more than $515,000 a month from the hit musical and other projects, the 51-year-old Randy is asking for help with legal fees.

Randy Valli's $30,000 comes from $5,000 in spousal support and $25,000 a month in royalties from "Jersey Boys," the source reported. Apparently, the two didn't sign a prenuptial agreement when they married and now, Frankie is paying the price.

TMZ reported that Valli's ex-wife is also receiving $810 a month in public assistance. The public assistance money is reportedly a portion of his Social Security income because she's taking care of their minor children.

"Jersey Boys" is now playing on Broadway.