Man Sues Playboy Mansion For Favoring Women

Nov 28, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
A man is suing the Playboy Mansion, alleging he was discriminated against at a recent party.

A man recently filed a lawsuit against the Playboy Mansion that stemmed from the 4th annual "Leather Meets Lace" party at the estate.

Steve Frye is suing the mansion, alleging he was discriminated against after trying to enter the property at the recent party thrown by the Motorcycle Charity Associates. Frye is suing on behalf of the men who allegedly had to pay $1,000 to enter the Playboy Mansion for the party, while the women were allowed to enter for free, TMZ reported.

The plaintiff is alleging sexual discrimination is the double standard at play, saying that offering women free admission to these events promotes harmful and negative stereotypes, according to TMZ. He is suing for unspecified damages.

The "Leather Meets Lace" event has been thrown annually since 2008, and has featured Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, Gene Simmons, Jeremy Piven, Jenny McCarthy and many other celebrities in the past.

As listed on the Playboy Mansion website, tickets for next year's event are priced as low as $750, with the most expensive VIP pass at $7,500.