Celebrity Photographer Files Lawsuit Against CBS

Oct 31, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Celebrity photographer Alan Zanger has filed a lawsuit against CBS for pictures of John Edwards' mistress and her child.

Alan Zanger, known for his photographs of celebrities, has filed a lawsuit against CBS, alleging the network used his photos on "The Insider" and "The Early Show" without his permission.

The photographs at issue are pictures of John Edwards' mistress Reille Hunter and their newborn child.

The lawsuit was filed in New York's Southern District Court recently, with Zanger saying that during Edwards' presidential run, CBS used Zanger's photographs without permission, infringing on his intellectual property rights.

In the lawsuit, Zanger states he delivered two photographs to CBS to use, but the network never responded to him in reference to licensing the photos. He then had the photos licensed himself and used them on two TV shows in 2009.

"These photographs and the event generated great publicity and is of great interest to the public at large," Zanger's complaint stated. "Plaintiff has zealously and deliberately licensed his Reille Hunter with Baby Collection to various news outlets so that Plaintiff and his licensees can maximize the public distribution of plaintiff's Reille Hunter with Baby Collection."

Zanger is no stranger to controversy. In 1995, Alec Baldwin contended Zanger stalked him and his wife, Kim Basinger, to get photos as the couple brought their first child home.