Lawsuit Settled Over ABC Show

Dec 23, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
A settlement was recently reached by ABC and a Japanese television network.

A lawsuit was recently settled between ABC and a Japanese television network that alleged the show "Wipeout" was a rip-off of several Japanese game shows.

The Tokyo Broadcasting System sued ABC in late 2008 and recently settled for an undisclosed amount, according to Bloomberg.

The source reported that the Japanese television network contended that the obstacle-course game show on ABC resembled many shows which had appeared on its network in the past.

According to the lawsuit, "Wipeout" violated the copyrights of shows such as "Takeshi's Castle," "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" and "Ninja Warrior."

The Tokyo Broadcasting System also sued Dutch entertainment giant Endemol, which produces the ABC game show and several other shows on different networks, Bloomberg reported. The companies settled the lawsuit recently after meeting with a federal magistrate judge in Los Angeles.

"Wipeout" has ranked in the Top 20 primetime shows since it debuted in 2008 and is hosted by John Henson, John Anderson and Jill Wagner.