Elvis' Last Will and Testament Goes on the Auction Block

Nov 15, 2010 - LegalZoom News Sources
Elvis' Last Will and Testament Goes on the Auction Block

A copy of the last will and testament of Elvis Presley has been put up for auction at an English auction house, reports the Independent.

The document, which comes from the law firm that represented a member of Presley's family during the settling of his will, dates to the mid 1970s. The firm emptied its files ten years after Presley's death, but an enterprising employee removed the documents from the trash and asked for permission from the firm to keep them.

According to the source, the copy of the will was most likely used heavily during the period immediately following Presley's death in 1977. The document includes numerous clauses detailing instructions dealing with personal property, the creation of a trust for his children and proceeds from royalties.

"It gives the reader a fascinating insight into the private wishes of the king of rock and roll," auctioneer Andrew Aldridge told the source.

Presley's last will and testament was expected to draw bids of up to $1,600.

Other pieces of Elvis memorabilia being auctioned include a scarf worn by Presley on stage, bedding from his ranch, and a strand of his hair.