McQueen’s Passions Reflected in His Last Will and Testament

Aug 25, 2011
Alexander McQueen, a great animal lover, left money to his dogs and to animal shelters in his last will.

The recently revealed contents of the last will and testament of the late superstar fashion designer Alexander McQueen reveal how this powerful legal document can ensure an individual’s legacy reflects his or her passions.

McQueen’s estate included cash assets of more than $26.3 million, according to The Independent. Most of this money went to a trust for his charity, Sarabande, with the funds to be disbursed as financial aid for students at Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, the London school he attended.

Another $82,560 was put in a trust for his dogs so they can be cared for. A great animal lover, McQueen also bequeathed $165,120 each to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the Blue Cross animal welfare charity.

Despite the large sum left to his animals, McQueen did not overlook the people he was closest to, designating $82,560 for each of his housekeepers, his godson and his nieces and nephews, as well as $412,799 for each of his five siblings.

This summer’s Costume Institute exhibition at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art featured McQueen’s extravagant and often macabre designs.