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Jul 1, 2011

Americans' fascination with the rich and powerful can be excessive but it is not without its merits, as their lives can teach valuable lessons and act as cautionary tales.

When it was revealed that former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, were separated and considering divorce, the last thing on everyone's mind was how their living trusts would shake out, but one trust attorney states its importance.

"If the Schwarzeneggers divorce, it's likely that they will be gently guided by their attorneys' into updating their tru

Jun 30, 2011

Selectmen in Milton, Massachusetts, have approved a $5 million proposal to build 23 luxury homes on a former poor farm entrusted to the city by a former governor's last will and testament.

Colonial-era Massachusetts Gov.

Jun 24, 2011

Living trusts may be used to ensure that an individual or institution has complete control over the distribution of an estate. Assets can be placed in the hands of a person that is trusted or a favorite charity, in order to transfer ownership of funds to the right place.

Certain states allow individuals to hand over control of the estate by signing several documents, but others have more complicated processes.

Jun 23, 2011

Living wills can act as a buffer against unwanted medical procedures that could cause pain to family members and friends.

Jun 23, 2011

A last will and testament can help an individual endow their assets to the most important people in their life. The money that is left over may go to immediate family members, but certain instances call for a different approach.

Huguette Clark - the heiress to a $400 million Manhattan estate - left $34 million to a Brooklyn private nurse who was charged with caring for the eccentric millionaire, according to the New York Post.

Clark also left $14 million to her goddaughter, but refused to leave any part of her estate to her blood-relatives.