Mel Gibson Divorce Final

Dec 27, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
Mel Gibson's divorce from his wife Robyn was recently made final.

Oscar Award-winning director Mel Gibson's divorce was recently made final by a judge who signed off on his divorce decree.

Gibson and his ex-wife were in discussion for more than a year regarding the terms of the divorce and a financial settlement, according to TMZ. Gibson and his former wife, Robyn, declined to sign a prenuptial agreement when they married, which means Robyn could be entitled to half of Gibson's earnings accrued during the 28-year period of their marriage.

Gibson's net worth is reportedly close to $900 million, the source stated, but an exact number is unknown.

TMZ reported the couple separated in 2006 after Mel was arrested in Malibu on a DUI. Robyn filed for divorce in 2009 after finding out Mel's girlfiend at the time, Oksana Grigorieva, was pregnant.

Gibson has appeared in 49 movies, according to the website IMDB. He's well-known for his roles in the films "Lethal Weapon," "Braveheart" and "Signs."