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Apr 28, 2011

U.S. Representative Lamar Smith, a Republican from Texas who heads the U.S.

Apr 18, 2011

The Obama administration has reportedly asked a judge in Arizona to dismiss a lawsuit by the state claiming the federal government has failed to secure the border with Mexico, Reuters reports.

According to the news provider, the state of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer are embroiled in a legal battle with the president over the crack down on illegal immigration and the smuggling of weapons and drugs across the border.

In February, Arizona sued the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security over accusations that the government did not enforce immigration law.

Apr 6, 2011

A federal judge that is reportedly considering a legal challenge to Arizona's controversial immigration enforcement law said recently that she will halt most of the case while a higher court decides on an appeal made by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

The Associated Press reports that U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton said she would temporarily halt the proceedings in the case while the 9th U.S.

Mar 28, 2011

The family of a Mexican man who allegedly died after being shot with a stun gun by a U.S. immigration agent has filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming excessive force was used by authorities, Fox News reports.

According to the news provider, the suit claims that up to 25 agents beat up Anastacio Hernandez while he was on the ground at a border crossing in San Diego.

Mar 15, 2011

India natives who allegedly raised thousands of dollars to come to America on the promise of obtaining a green card if they qualified for high-tech construction jobs are pursuing a class-action lawsuit claiming they were victims of "human trafficking," the Houston Chronicle reports.

According to the news source, shipbuilders Kurian David and Murugan Kandhasamy, along with hundreds of other India natives, arrived in the U.S.