Chicago Church asks Derrick Rose for Help in Trademark Battle against Adidas

Dec 27, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
A Chicago church is currently in a trademark battle with Adidas.

Christian Faith Fellowship, a Chicago church, recently asked NBA player Derrick Rose for help in ending a legal battle over trademark infringement with Adidas.

The battle is over Adidas’ use of the term adiZero for its popular shoe line, which features the Rose 2 series of shoes, named after the NBA player.

Christian Faith trademarked the phrase “Add A Zero” in 2006 as part of its campaign to urge the congregation to donate more - a $10 contribution, therefore, was encouraged to become a $100 donation. All money raised from these offerings help run a food pantry and day-care center.

Adidas has attempted to cancel Christian Fellowship’s trademark through the Patent and Trademark Office on grounds that the church doesn’t use the phrase enough. Adidas also offered the church $5,000 for the trademark, which the church rejected.

Ironically, all three of the shoes in the Rose 2 series, part of the adiZero line, pay tribute to Derrick Rose’s Chicago South Side roots.

No foreigner to lawsuits, Adidas won a $300 million trademark settlement from Payless Shoesource, which had been selling shoes similar to Adidas’ popular three-striped Samba shoes.